Architectural design and position of this tower has maximized the view of Persian Gulf from three different angles. Remarkable architectural design, which retains regional values and features, has provided the residential units and all corridors with sea sight. This Sea sight and the view has also been provided for Baq Bam (roof garden), which is a common space with entertaining facilities on 12th, 13th and 14th floor.

Another remarkable factor of this Atlas Kish project is the great choice of location. This project also benefits from individual service lines for each residential unit which has resulted in significant reduction in service charge. Residents can access all major shopping centers of the island which are placed 10 minutes of walking distance away from this project.

This complex has 16 floors with gross floor area of 19000m2 and 110 units all equipped with private parking space. This tower is already in operation and the owners of the sold units are currently residing in this building.

Iranian Atlas Building Group (ltd) was established on April 29, 1986 as business entity following manufacturing and industrial goals. This company was registered in Companies Registration and Industrial Ownership Office under the registration number 59784.

In 2005 Atlas Iranian decided to reorganize their company and respond to nation’s demand for growth in quality and speed of construction projects. Therefore they concentrated on investing in construction industry and they continued their activities in this trade.


Other Information:

This tower has been built in 16 floors with the following details:

- Basement used for parking, storage and services

- Ground floor used for lobby and residential space

- The first 14 floors used as residential space. The last 3 floors are equipped with sea facing terrace

- 3 panoramic elevators made by Mitsubishi

- Ariston Electric Boiler Heating System

- Mitsubishi Split Unit Cooling System

- Entrance doors equipped with Samsung digital security locks

- Kish Choob Cabinet and Interior Doors

- Steel Alborz hoods and Gas Stove

- Germany’s Kathrein Central Aerial

- Samsung CCTV Cameras

- England’s Protec Addressable Fire Detection and security

- Fire Suppression Systems

- CUMMINSPOWER diesel generators used for power supply of the common areas

- Network Signal Lightning Arrester System

- Digital Water Flowmeter


Since 2014, The One Iranian has been responsible for all marketing and sales activities of this residential tower.

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