Rozet residential towers have provided a unique opportunity for those who wish to experience a high standard of living. The project is under construction in a land of 10732 square meters with 65212.2 square meters of built-up area. Rozet consists of two towers located in heart of Tehran, district 5 (western Tehran), the greenest part of the city. The towers are 13-storey. There are 14 apartment units on every floor, which come in various sizes from 85 to 135 square meters.
Each tower has a stylish lobby on ground floor and is equipped with seven elevators and three fire escapes. Rozet is considered to be the largest construction project in District 5 and its accessibility is easy. In a short time, you can get on the main expressways and also there is a short drive to main streets, shopping centers and green areas of the region.
The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Mr. Farzad Daliri, combined with the perfect facilities, has transformed Panorama into a luxurious and unique collection.

Rozet facilities:

- Modern hall and lobbies
- Separated swimming pools for men and women, equipped with saunas and steam rooms
- A well-equipped gym
- Meeting rooms in each tower to convene quick, emergency meetings, equipped with
- Community center with a spacious hall for large ceremonies
- Roof garden available to all residents
- Health road and walking trails
- Family cinema
- Kindergarten in each tower
- Outdoor tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
- Commercial units of 1035 square meters of welfare services
- 405 parking spaces for residents

Owner and investor:

The owner of the Rozet Residential Towers is Rahab Sakht Mahan construction company, a subsidiary of Bouka holding.
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Other Project Information:

- The space of spacious construction spaces with a total area of 28245 square meters
- Easy access through Shahid Hemmat and Shahid Bakeri highways
- Proximity to Metro Station
- Observance of the Islamic pattern and the absence of aristocratic units to each other
- Building management system
- Lighting of all units
- A convenient cooling and heating system
- Building Access control
- Firewalls and fire doors and fire alarm and control system
- Pleasant green area in and around the complex




Rozet Towers, Shahrak-e-Shohada Street, Al-Ghadir Square, Shahr-e-Ziba, Tehran, Iran


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