Creation of Consultancy Unit for Technical Services and Sales Engineering

The importance of technical – engineering consultancy is mostly understandable when the sales and marketing company provides its services prior to the design and construction stage of the project.


·        -  Offering consulting services to employers and design consultant companies in order to define a concept.


·         - Land use definition and determination of the related measurements.

- Analyzing the number of project phase management options in order to meet the employer’s business model requirements or improve different project financial attributes such as ROI, NPV, IRR based on target market

·         - Provision of design brief to design consultant companies in accordance with market analysis, with emphasis on clients’ needs and specifically target market requirements.


·         - Creation of practical and explainable parameters in a design which will benefit the project by giving it an edge over its competitors.


(All the above activities will be based on market research and also needs and requirements of key clients)